Saving Your Favourites - View Retreats Support

My favourites

With so many beautiful retreats to choose from, it can be difficult to keep track of your favourites. To make things easier, you can save all your favourite retreats to your very own favourites list. Simply click on the white heart icon to save a property to your list. You can click on the pink heart if you'd like to remove a property from your list.

You can view your favourites list by selecting the heart icon in the top right hand side of the screen, or by choosing 'Saved Favourites' in the User Menu.

You can save favourites without having to create an account, however, please keep in mind that these properties will only be saved for the duration of your browsing session. To save your list for future use, we recommend you create a free View Retreats account. This will allow you to access your favourites list on any device at any time in the future.