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Rates & pricing

Accommodation rates & offers
All room rates and inclusions are determined by the accommodation provider and at times they may also offer short-term special offers or discounts. Please be aware that these rates, inclusions, offers and discounts are subject to change at any time or may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Rates are not guaranteed until your booking is confirmed.

Fees & taxes paid with your booking
Prices shown are generally inclusive of any fees and taxes that apply. You can view a breakdown of the price shown by clicking on the 'Price details' link underneath the total price. This breakdown will include the cost for accommodation, any inclusions (e.g. breakfast), local taxes, cleaning fees and any other fees that are charged by the accommodation provider.

Fees & taxes paid directly to the accommodation
In some cases, additional fees, taxes or security bonds may need to be paid directly to the accommodation provider. These costs are shown under the 'Mandatory Fees' section of the accommodation page and in the price breakdown provided in the checkout. Please note that many vacation rentals require a refundable security bond to be paid directly to the accommodation provider prior to or upon arrival. The process for payment of security bonds varies by provider and exact details will be provided upon confirmation.

Extra guest fees
Extra guests may incur an additional fee. Ensure the guest numbers for your booking are correct to avoid any surprises upon arrival at your accommodation.

Pet fees
If you are bringing your pet, you may be required to pay an additional fee at the accommodation. This fee may not be included in the price shown but you will be able to see this fee under the Policies & Booking Information on the accommodation page.

Booking fees
View Retreats does not charge a booking fee nor charge any credit card fees (except for gift voucher purchases). However, you may be charged a credit card fee by the accommodation provider if you choose the 'Book now, pay later' option. Please read accommodation payment options for further information.