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Room or rate unavailable

Upon submitting your booking, you may receive an error to advise that your selected room or rate has become unavailable. There are a few reasons why this might occur midway through your booking;
  1. The room or rate you selected may have been booked by another customer - either via another booking website or via the property itself. This generally only occurs if the property has limited availability or if there is a significant delay between the initial selection of a room and submitting payment details. 
  1. The room or rate details may have been changed by the property owner. They may have added or removed some rate inclusions or they may have amended their prices for your dates. This happens more frequently over busy holiday periods, around special events, and with large hotels that use 'dynamic' rates that may change many times a week.
  1. The room or rate you selected may have been removed from sale on our website. This mostly happens with limited-time promotional rates that may be withdrawn at any time without notice. It also happens if the hotel removes some or all available rooms for a group booking or an unexpected closure, or in the event that they remove their property completely from our website.
In the event that your room or rate becomes unavailable during your booking, you will need to return to the property page and select another room or rate (subject to availability).