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Travel safety

It's important that you take responsibility and precautions for your personal safety and wellbeing when travelling internationally. Here are some general tips to help ensure everything goes smoothly during your trip. 
  1. Research government travel advisories before finalising your destination
  2. Check with your embassy for any travel warnings and/or special visa requirements
  3. Apply for any required visas or entry permits with plenty of time to avoid any delays 
  4. Look up the contact details for emergency services in your chosen destination
  5. Visit your health care professional before your trip for the most up to date health recommendations
  6. Check the food and water regulations (e.g. before you drink the local tap water, make sure that it is safe)
  7. Research any local laws or regulations that may affect your stay (eg. in some countries, you may be asked to show a marriage certificate in order to stay in the same room as your spouse)