Booking Error Notifications - View Retreats Support

Booking error notifications

On rare occasions, you may experience a booking error notification after submitting your booking details. An example is shown below;

These booking errors can occur for a number of reasons, including a brief loss of connectivity or a system outage of one of our hotel or partner systems. 

Generally, if you close the error and resubmit your details, the booking will submit and process correctly. However, in the event that the same error persists, please try again later or contact our team for assistance.

If you receive a booking error before receiving confirmation, your booking is not confirmed. We are not holding any rooms for your dates and we have not processed your credit card payment. In these cases, it is perfectly safe to submit your booking details again without risk of double booking.

Other booking errors

The information above relates to 'general' booking errors. There are some more specific booking errors that you may experience in different circumstances;
  1. Payment declined
  2. Room or rate unavailable